Mindset – get this right & win

To quote the old saying “where the mind goes the energy flows” is something I truly believe in.  After completing my first Ironman I’m aware that having your head in the right space is key to success.

When I’m working with my clients the first thing to iron out is their goals.  I then try and pick apart those goals and find out why they are doing what they are doing and what it would mean to them to succeed, and perhaps, more importantly to fail.

The bottom line is your mind controls the decisions around ‘should I eat out again tonight’, ‘I’ll go workout now’, ‘I’m tired I can miss that session tonight’ or ‘I’ll have dessert’.  All these decisions have a positive or negative effect on the outcome of the success of your goal so being in the right mindset is the most crucial part of any training goal.

Creating Balance

The key to a long healthy lifestyle is balance. The amount of people I have seen complete a 12 week plan and then switch off and go back to square one in half the time it took them to get there is ridiculous.  It’s happened to me as a trainer and it’s a horrible feeling.  Often the reason for this is they have been so strict along the way and not created or understood how to build balance into their life.

How I get around this

If I know I have a big weekend of lunches and dinners out coming up, I make sure I plan the best way to exercise  around this, making sure my food is spot on leading up to it so I can enjoy myself.  Getting my training sessions in beforehand is often the best way to do this as you’ll most likely be tired after a weekend of eating an drinking.

Of course, enjoy yourself when you’re out but don’t rock the boat too much and know when to get back on it so you aren’t suffering those post weekend blues.

Maintenance is easy

The hardest part is getting into a routine with your food and exercise and making sure that this routine fits in with your lifestyle.

My advice is do little and often, stay ahead of the game, enjoy yourself just don’t get too comfortable.


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